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Welcome to!  This is an immense project started on paper index cards over 30 years ago, and has come to rest here, free for all to use and access.  All dogs are added and verified by hand, but mistakes do exist and we are constantly attempting to verify dogs as we go.

Welcome to the new and improved website! Sorry for the dust, we're still building it! The dream has always been to be more than just a pedigree database. While much of the information you'll find on here is available on other sites, we wanted to bring it all into one easy-to-navigate space. Also, the idea is to eventually link everything to the database, making it easier to research historical dogs and pedigrees. As you can imagine, it's quite a project! Links marked with an asterisk * will be "dead links", and even when they go live you may notice there is much more information that still needs to be added. This is expected to take many months, so in the meantime if you have photos or other material that you think may have a home here please don't hesitate to email it to use at

French Dual Champion Idoc de Cornouaille