Brittanydata Contributors

This database was started many years ago by Rheta Cartmell who in turn handed it over to Marc and Vicki Rittner. Marc digitized the database and made it available online for the public when the internet was still in its infancy. In 2011 the database once again changed hands in order to update its contents and technology. The database and website are now updated and maintained by Lisa Tailby. Historical contributors are Karen Hanson & Robin Tomasi.

Many thanks go to the following people in helping to update information and merge data. It could not have been done without you! If I forgot anyone please let me know!

Emily Fuzette
Arlette Hennessey
Karen Hanson
Linda Holcomb
Chelsey Taylor
Dennis Williams
Jerry Hogan
Jay Halloran
Karen Tye
Rose Leale
Wendy Archinal
Abbie Hanson
Yvonne Shanto
Jeanetta Sharp
Marc & Vicki Rittner