Moving Forward

As you know, I have been working hard on the website and database. With help from Robin Tomasi & Karen Hanson, who have been diligently working to preserve much of our breeds history, the space is transforming. The ultimate goal is to have one hub of not just a pedigree database, but much of our history in photos and full results, plus articles that help us as breeders understand the genetics, health and function of our breed. All this, tied into the database as best I can. That means a more interactive space where you see a lot more than just names on a pedigree.

The website will always be free for public use. Always. I host and pay for the domain, and spend time on the database. To me, it's a labor of love, my contribution to a breed I have loved since I was eight. The past 4 years my costs have been minimal, but to move forward there are costs I cannot bear, and costs Robin & Karen currently pay out of pocket for as well (scanning, CDs, postage, purchasing photos on ebay) to help preserve our history.

There have been a few options on the table and right now this is where I stand. I don't want to put ads on the site, or sponsors. Someday in the future, I may have to. But I am hoping to avoid it. In the grand scheme of things we're not talking about a lot of money, certainly not worth (yet) setting it up as a non-profit. A few hundred dollars a year just isn't worth a tax return. But I would like to keep it as free from "commercializing" as possible. I am tentatively open to it in the future but only if the situation demands it. I also plan on keeping the space as a independent entity.

So what am I looking for? Small donations. The most immediate things we are hoping to do are a nice list honoring our Master Hunters, our MACH dogs and our OTCH dogs. The best of the best in the venue they chose to excel in. We talk about how versatile our breed is, it is time to honor them! (On that note, I need photos of these elite dogs!) I have a partial list due to the database, but it is far from complete. And I don't know about you, but if I am going to honor a group of dogs I want to make sure I honor all of them, not just some of them. I have been in contact with the AKC and the cost of each report is $85. That's per title. They didn't say there is a dog limit, just per title, so I am hoping to also augment the database with a future purchase of a complete FC, AFC and CH list. I am sure I am missing thousands in the database (we currently have over 39,000 entries)

I already have a list of people who have contributed in data checking and entry when I first took it over, and plan to have another list thanking any financial supporters (in this yes, I am okay with a kennel name just like a trophy sponsor would have). I want it made very clear (since it's been suggested I do this for my time) that I don't want a dime for myself. It's a labor of love for me, period. But I do need help to make it better, and any extra would go towards ongoing costs to preserving historical data if we raise enough. There are many worthy causes out there, some probably quite a bit more worthy than this project, but I hope it's something you can believe in and help support to make it a even better resource tomorrow than it is today.

I will look at making a paypal donate link but in the meantime just PM me privately or send a email to

Lisa Tailby, Webmaster